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Altair Aerial is a company that made a name for itself selling beginner drones, but now it wants to take its first step towards the big leagues with the Blackhawk, a heavy metal quadcopter built for distance and speed. After buying one for myself and trying it out, I’m happy to say that it maintains the level of quality we’ve come to expect from the company and has a number of impressive features – all for under 130 dollars!

Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Blackhawk so good:

FAQ About The Altair Aerial Blackhawk

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Does the Altair Blackhawk have a built-in camera?

No. It does, however, have a mount that you can use to attach a separate action camera – Altair recommends the GoPro Hero 3 or 4 on their Amazon page. The Hero 3 can be found for about $70, the Hero 4 can be found for about $160 – but if you’re looking for an Altair drone that already has a camera, you might look at their AA108.

What are the main features of the Altair Blackhawk?

The two most impressive features – and the ones Altair are selling the drone on – are its 15-minute battery life and its 300 meter flight range, both of which are quite a bit larger than you’d expect from this price range.

Why should I buy a long-range drone like the Blackhawk?

Long-range drones are good for recreational use because the drone won’t fly out of your control range as easily – you won’t have to run after the aircraft while you’re flying it. They’re also good for photography and videography because they let you get hard-to-reach shots and very high bird’s-eye-view aerial shots. All in all, a longer flight range is just a good feature to have!

The Altair Aerial Blackhawk Review

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The Blackhawk doesn’t have a lot of fancy features like its two brothers in the Altair line – there’s no Altitude Hold, no Headless Mode. Instead, the focus is on providing the user with total control. The drone has a 6-axis gyro for stability and it’s very easy to adjust the trim of the drone using the remote, so once you get the hang of the controls the Blackhawk handles extremely well.

It’s also surprisingly fast for such a heavy drone, especially when taking off and landing. It really gives you that “racing feel”, and since the drone has a 300 meter flight range you don’t have to worry about it going out of bounds. I had a lot of fun seeing how fast and high I could go, and that’s really important when you’re dealing with a drone that’s mostly for recreational use.

It’s not a perfect drone. It takes awhile to assemble (about 20 minutes in my experience) and it’s not as durable as it could be, though Altair has anticipated this and included plenty of extra parts in case something breaks. The body itself is pretty heavy and made of metal, so no worries about that being broken or scratched, but I did have to replace the propellers a couple times.

But it does improve on one major issue with the other Altair offerings: it handles extremely well in wind. The powerful brushless motors and heavy frame cut right through winds as high as 13 miles per hour (in my experience – I didn’t try it in anything higher.) This really is a much more advanced drone and it shows.

Another nice feature is the 15-minute flight time. This is a lot longer than other drones in its price range and lets you have more fun with the drone for longer. It could also be good for photography because it gives you time to line up the perfect shot!

altair aerial blackhawk review

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The Altair Aerial Blackhawk

Altair is one of the best companies out there for budget drones and the Blackhawk is no exception. This is a great long-range drone that fast and fun to fly, and I’d recommend it for anyone who’s interested in getting into this great hobby for cheap!

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