Altair Tomahawk Review

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The Tomahawk is the latest addition to Altair Aerial’s high-quality fleet of drones, which has stayed true to the fact that they’re a company who makes their drones easy to use to ensure that anyone can get the hang of flying them. The Tomahawk is definitely no exception here – it’s flashy yet simple to understand.

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The Tomahawk doesn’t come with an extensive amount of features that complicates things. It features Altitude Hold Mode, a classic feature that helps beginner drone users better understand how to fly it and get used to the controls.

In fact, Altitude Hold Mode is the default flight mode of the Tomahawk, which makes it even more easier for beginners to figure it out.

Professional Mode may seem intimidating to beginner drone users, but it’s actually very easy to figure out, as well. Before you know it, you’ll be able to perform fun stunts and tricks like a pro! The 3D flips and rolls button also helps with being able to do tricks easily, as well.

It has an average flight time of 17 minutes, a maximum flight range of up to 300 meters, and the C5000 camera with 720p HD photos and videos. You can even swap out the C5000 Aerial Sport Camera for GoPro, specifically one from the Hero line.

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One of the best aspects that make the Tomahawk an exceptional beginner drone, is that you don’t have to provide your own TF flash card. Some of what makes drones work can be confusing for beginners, so the fact that a flash card isn’t automatically needed can help take some of the confusion away. You only really need one if you want additional storage, but it already comes with 8 GB of onboard storage.

You’ll need to use the Bugs GO app for the C5000 camera on a smartphone, but that simplifies how the drone works in a simpler way even more.

The durability of the Tomahawk is exceptional, mostly because it uses brushless motors and a metal body that’s able to handle the wind a lot better than their other drones. One user was able to get it going pretty well in winds of 12 miles per hour.

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