Best RC Truck 2020

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RC TruckImageFeaturesPrice Editor's Pick
Altair Power Pro 4x4

  • Dual Motors, Reach 25 MPH!

  • 15 Minutes of Drive Time

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Traxxas Slashtraxxis_slash_200

  • Powerful 12-Turn Brushed Power

  • Waterproof Speed Control

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Arrma Granitearrma_granite_200

  • Adjustable Ride Height

  • Turnable Shocks & Gear Differentials

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Who doesn’t love a good RC Truck?! You can run through, up and over almost any obstacle! As a kid, I always wished my parents would get me any number of RC toys, but now that I’m an adult (and I work for an Online RC Hobby site), I’m able to pick the best of the best and drive them all! Here’s what I came up with!


Best RC Trucks of 2020


Altair Power Pro

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Dual Battery Expansion Model Also Available! Get 30 Minutes of Continuous Drive Time!

This new RC Truck is really one of my favorite trucks to enter the marketplace for a long time. Not only does it look like an energy drink can, but it also performs with an amazing amount of power! Right out of the box the Power Pro has all the power you’re going to need. Whether you’re a beginner to the hobby or a seasoned pro that is just looking for a new fun item that won’t break the bank, I think the Power Pro will be a good fit for you.

Altair is also one of the few US-Based RC retailers. This can come in handy when you need any sort of customer service. When you read any sort of review online it almost always points to their customer service expertise. So that’s a definite plus when looking at a new RC product.

• 15 Minutes Drive Time
• Reach 25 MPH
• 6 Spring Independant Suspension System
• Water Resistant


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Traxxas Slash

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Traxxas is the most well-respected RC truck manufacturers working in the market today. Their products are hallmarks of quality construction and rich feature sets. And despite being popular with advanced RC car drivers and serious hobbyists, most of their products are also intuitive enough for beginners to pick up and use with ease.

The Traxxas Slash is listed by a number of websites as the best remote control car for beginners, and we find it hard to disagree. One of the best things about the Slash is that it has a rigid chassis with a low center of gravity, which means that it gives you extra stability even at the car’s top speed of 60 miles per hour.

This RC Truck arrives fully assembled, although you do have to purchase a transmitter, receiver, and battery separately. This, combined with the Slash’s asking price of over $400 USD, will likely price it out of what many beginners can afford. There are many cheaper models beginners can invest in, including those listed below. But if you truly want the best RC car experience a first-time driver can have, the Slash is definitely the way to go.

• A top speed of 60 miles per hour
• Customizable chassis
• Extremely durable construction
• Incredible performance
• Battery, Receiver, and Transmitter must be purchased separately

best rc cars for beginners traxxas slash

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Arrma Granite

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Another popular category of RC Truck is all-terrain vehicles – cars or trucks that can go offroad with ease. There are many all-terrain RC trucks out there, many of which are very good, but our favorite is the Arrma Granite.

This remote control car has powerful tires that allow it to drive over any surface and waterproof electronics that means you can take it out into any weather. It also has an extremely tough frame made of steel and composite materials, which is difficult for even the clumsiest beginner to damage (and I should know because I WAS the clumsiest beginner when I got started in the RC Truck review business.)

Best of all, it comes with everything you need to drive it right out of the box, except for 4 AA batteries for the remote control.

• A top speed of 30 miles per hour
• Controlled by an extremely precise Tactic TTX300 remote controller
• Super tough steel and composite frame
• Comes in green or red
• Battery and charger included

best rc cars for beginners arrma granite 4x4

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Finding Hobby Grade RC Trucks

We hope this article has helped you better understand the exciting and expanding remote control car market in 2020. Furthermore, we hope it has helped you find the best RC Truck for your needs – whether that be serious racing or the simple enjoyment of a high-quality recreational model.