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Best Remote Control Boats For Beginners (RC Boats 2019)

Remote control boats have been a niche RC toy for some time now, but they’ve become more popular recently with the advance of technology. However, their unusual nature makes it difficult for newcomers to enjoy the hobby. How do you know you’re getting something that’s safe? That’s fun? What does “capsize recovery” mean, and why should you pay extra for it?

These are the questions we at BeginningRC hope to answer with this, our guide to the best remote control boats for beginners.


Best Remote Control Boats For Beginners

These are our top 5 remote control boats for beginners, as chosen by the BeginningRC review team.


Force1 H102 Velocity

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(For those who don’t know how to read remote control boat names: “Force1” is the brand, “H102” is the model number, and “Velocity” is the common name.)

The Velocity is one of the most popular remote control boats for sale, largely because it manages to appeal to beginner RC boat pilots as well as more intermediate or experienced users. Its controls make it very easy to sail, and it costs less than 100 dollars, which is very good for a remote control boat with this many features.

One of the best things about the Velocity is its capsize recovery mode, also known as self-righting mode. What this means is that if the boat flips over – which can happen if you’re going at high speeds, if you’re flying in wind, or if you hit an obstacle – you can press a button on the remote controller and the boat will automatically return to an upright position. Capsize recovery mode is an extremely useful feature for remote control beginners, who tend to capsize more often than experienced users.

• A top speed of 20 miles per hour
• Includes 2 batteries
• Includes a battery charger and cable
• Features a self-righting capsize recovery mode

best rc boats for beginners force1 h102

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Pro Boat Recoil

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The Pro Boat Recoil has been called the single best beginner RC boat for sale. While we don’t quite agree with that premise, preferring the boats listed above in certain situations, we DO agree that this is an excellent remote control boat for users of all skill levels.

This boat is fast, large, and quite powerful. It features that capsize recovery mode we mentioned above, and it’s extremely easy to use. However, its battery life is a bit short for its price range – for $180 USD, you’re getting a vehicle that only lasts 10 minutes at most. Fortunately, you can buy additional batteries at an additional 20 dollars or so if you want to use the boat for longer without recharging – shop around on Amazon for “20C 3S LiPo batteries.”

• A top speed of 25 miles per hour
• Includes 1 battery
• Includes a battery charger
• Features a self-righting capsize recovery mode

best rc boats for beginners proboat recoil

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Read reviews for the Venom

The UDIRC Venom is a cheap remote control boat for beginners perfect for those who don’t care about being able to go as fast as possible. It has very precise and easy-to-use controls (in case you can’t tell, this is really important to us when we’re choosing the best RC boats for beginners), and it has a very durable hull that can stand up to a few crashes.

The Venom does not have any kind of self-righting capsize recovery technology in order to keep the price low, but its hull is specifically constructed to be “anti-tilt”, meaning that it’s less likely to capsize in the first place, especially if you sail carefully.

• A top speed of 15 miles per hour
• Includes 2 battery
• Includes a battery charger and USB cable
• Features ABS anti-tilt hull construction

best rc boats for beginners udirc venom

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Flytec 3 Fishing Bait RC Boat

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Many people purchase RC boats specifically for fishing, rather than for simple recreational use. RC boats can be used to drop bait and “chum” the water in order to attract fish, and have been used in this manner for many years now. We therefore wanted to be sure to represent a remote control fishing boat for beginners in this article, and we’ve chosen the Flytec 3 Fishing Bait RC Boat.

This boat has a solid motor, two large bait containers, a quiet operation, and good durability, all for less than 150 dollars. It has a very slow top speed but a long battery life, which is typical of RC fishing boats. It’s also quite easy for beginners to use and has become one of the more popular RC bait boats for beginners.

• A top speed of 1.5 miles per hour
• Includes 1 battery
• Has a 2-20 hour continuous navigation time
• Includes 2 super capacity bait tanks

best rc boats for beginners flytec electric fishing bait

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Mirarobot GV160 Whoover

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If you want something really unique in the remote control boat space, look no further than Mirarobot’s GV160 Whoover. It has a unique, colorful four-propeller design and is very small – only about 8 inches in length.

However, the Whoover also comes with several unique features. For one thing, it can actually travel on land or water – it’s not technically a boat, but an “amphibious vehicle.” It’s also one of the rare remote control boats with a built-in camera, which allows you to stream video from the boat directly to the controller. You can even record this footage to share later, or to edit into a longer video.

The Whoover is also easy to control and has solid specifications all around.

• A top speed of 18 miles per hour
• Includes 1 battery
• Includes battery charger
• Includes a built-in 600TVL camera
• An amphibious undercarriage allows the Whoover to travel on land or water.

best rc boats for beginners mirarobot gv160

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The Best RC Boats

We hope this article has helped you better understand the world of RC boats, and maybe even to choose one of the best remote control boats for yourself. Whatever your desire – something to race, something for fun, something you can go fishing with – there’s a great RC vehicle for you out there just waiting to become yours. And if you have any questions about the products mentioned on this list or about remote control boating in general, be sure to let us know about them in the comments.

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