5 Best Spy Drone with Camera [2018] Reviews

Technology is continuously evolving itself through time. The never-ending pursuit of developing gadgets and devices to make life easier for us humans is turning out just right. Gadgets support people’s interests and sometimes, these new gadgets spark people’s interest in certain hobbies or recreations.

Such is what exactly happened in the case of cameras and photography.
The invention of the camera introduced a new community who find delight in seeing photos come to life in the light of their own perspectives.
best spy drone with camera
Then came the digital cameras which became a revolution towards the opening of the twenty-first century. After that, digital camera companies became pretty seriously engrossed in modern technology.

DSLR specs went higher and more advanced, Polaroid developed Instax and smartphone developers launched the eternal competition to provide the best built-in cameras and thus, the emancipation of drones in the industry. Drones have become a sensation after the release of versions like a spy drone with the camera or one with a high resolution.

What are Drones?

Drawing from the original concept of drones which are the pre-programmed military jets, the drone was born. Aside from having the same name, the purpose of the military aircraft is not that entirely different from the gadget. The main idea behind using drones is to act as a surveillance camera and capture videos sky high.

The cool thing about it is can be remotely controlled by the user from afar. It is intriguing to think that these spy drones with the camera were once used for target practice or to perform attack runs against Germany. It even played a huge role in the World War II.

How to Use a Drone?

Nowadays, the term drone is used for any device that can be controlled remotely. An example of this is a spy drone with the camera, which more commonly has the ability to be lifted up in the air.
best spy dronw with camera 2018
Aside from military and government use, drones are usually popular for personal use, business use, making videos or movies, monitoring, delivery, and art. This is exactly why drones are way more expensive than other types of cameras in the market.

Drones are mainly used with controllers that are linked to a user’s smartphone or computer or just simply comes with its very own remote control which looks like a video game console.

Spy Drones and the Law

Spy drones with cameras are being used not just by the everyday, average joe. Police units, government sectors or officials and military forces are also taking advantage of this video-capturing device. Since spy drones with cameras may be positively used, but they can be negatively used as well.

It may be used to invade a person’s privacy. Thus, purchasing a spy drone with the camera comes with the responsibility to use it to help others and not use it against people. Among notable laws, it is important to keep the drone within sight at a maximum height of 400 feet. Make sure to also steer clear of any airplane, helicopters, etc. and it should not be flown in an area occupied with a lot of people to avoid any accidents.

Best Spy Drone with Camera Reviews

The decision of what specs to look for highly depends on the user’s purpose. Some drones are specifically made for photography or videography while others are designed uniquely for commercial purposes or for surveillance. In this review, I will be enumerating the best spy drones with cameras which are now out on the market and will differentiate each to help you choose what best meets your needs and requirements.

1. Altair Aerial AA108

According to reviews, this product seems to have taken the number one spot among other drones available. This camera drone is very easy to operate and this is why Altair customers love it. Even kids and first-time operators will be able to use it without difficulty.

The package comes in a complete set inclusive of the drone camera, controllers, USB, battery and an extra battery among others. You can switch through three skill modes or levels: Basic, Middle and Advanced. Not to mention its 720pixels camera with real-time video. This spy drone with the camera has a 120-degree wide view to give you topnotch angles for your photos and videos. The Altair Aerial is made in the U.S. and promises a durable and long-lasting quality that will give you stable shots.

    • 120-degree wide angle shot
    • 720P HD Camera
    • User-friendly
    • Stable and durable; high-quality
    • Long range of 100 meters; Flight time up to 10 minutes
    • Advanced Remote Technology
    • Out-of-range alarm
    • Smartphone required
    • Affordable than most drones in the market

best cheap drones with camera altair aa108

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2. 818 Hornet by Altair Aerial

If you don’t mind a little extra dollars to spare to get higher drone specs, you may opt to buy this model. This spy drone with the camera is equipped with a Wi-Fi feature and lets you capture up to 15 minutes of video and photos up in the air. It also has a real-time video and a high-resolution camera of 720P. This product also makes the list of spy drones with the camera which are easy-to-use since it has a headless mode and altitude hold. It can also be used indoors as well.

    • Longer range of time flight- 15 minutes
    • 720p real-time first person view camera
    • Smartphone operated to draw a custom flight line
    • Gives stable and durable flight shots
    • User-friendly
    • Applicable to kids and beginners
    • BONUS! comes with the extra battery

AA818 plus best spy drone with camera

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3. F100 Ghost RC

This spy drone with the camera from Force1 spells action. It boasts of a 1080p Sports action video camera which is music to the ears of most videographers and photographers. It comes equipped with brushless motors for an extra-quiet flight time. Most users are satisfied with this model as it gives an extended flight time of 30 minutes. It also comes with controls for speed and balance charger. It actually promises the ultimate feeling of flying while controlling this drone.

    • 1080 HD Action camera to produce sharper and clearer videos and images
    • Comes with 2 deluxe batteries for longer flight times
    • Brushless motors for a quiet shoot experience
    • 2.4 GHz transmitter
    • 2×7.4 1800mAh Battery
    • Balance charger
    • Camera mount
    • 4 propeller guards and 8 spare propellers
    • Comes with a money-back guarantee

force 1 best spy drone with camera

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4. HUBSAN X4 H107D

Aside from its really cool and stylish design, the unique selling point of this spy drone with the camera is its Intelligent Orientation Control. This helps the user control this spy drone much easier. Its developers replaced the “nose” in exchange for a unique headless mode to make flying towards the front or back seamless.

It also has a Wi-Fi connection ability, 720p HD camera and a controller with a 4.3” LCD on it. The best part of this spy drone with the camera is probably its instant transmitter video review and the latest 6-axis flight control system.

    • Has the latest altitude control technology
    • HD camera resolution of 1280x720p
    • Wi-Fi First Person View
    • Dubbed as the world’s smallest FPV quadcopter
    • Easy to use
    • Comes with an SD card slot
    • 360 degrees eversion

hubsan h107d high resolution spy drone

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5. Top Race RC Mini SPY Drone with HD Camera

It’s small, compact and cute, but its specs will definitely impress a user. It owes all its camera view experience to its Top Race mini-drone HD camera. It can go into a live video mode with a first-person view screen. It offers a no-fuss experience via its remote control.

It also features a headless mode that releases a pilot’s worry about trying to change flight directions. It can be used both by beginners and experienced users. Lastly, its 1 key Return-to-Home feature is notably helpful when the spy drone with the camera is going on a low-battery mode and out of sight.

    • Packaged in a really sleek and unique design
    • Equipped with the latest 6-axis gyro control system to best support live-action stunts
    • 2.4 GHz transmitter and 5.8g image transmission allowing the user to experience multiple screens
    • Top Race drone with built-in LCD
    • USB charger
    • SD card and SD card reader
    • 5.5x 5.5 in dimension
    • No smartphone needed

mini spy drone best spy drone with camera

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Spy Drone with Camera Analysis

1. No product can have it all. Some features that a user may like in one of the spy drones with cameras listed above may not be present in the others. However, I do suggest that the most important factor you should always consider especially if you are a beginner in the world of spy drones is its user-friendly feature. You can have a really great spy drone in your hands, however, it would be frustrating to learn that it comes with complicated features.

If you are, on the other hand, a professional or experienced spy drone pilot, you should prioritize the video camera specifications since your main goal is to capture high-quality photos and videos. You can pretty much balance out the specifications, get the one with a good camera resolution and keep other features within reason. My recommendation is to go for the Altair Aerial AA108 among the other spy drones with cameras since it promises quality and durability and comes with its awesome features.

Spy Drone with Camera FAQ

Which is better? A smartphone-controlled drone or a remote-controlled drone?
It depends. If you don’t mind using your smartphone for your drone, then go for it. Some pilots find it convenient since their phones are always with them thus, lessening the gadgets to be packed in the drone bag. Others prefer to do it old-school and stick to the remote control consoles so they can use their phones separately during shoots.

How do I decide which is more important to flight time and altitude?
This also depends on the goals of the projects wherein you will use the drone. If you need to capture videos or photos longer, then go for the one with the longer flight time. However, if you need to capture a wider area for your video or photo, then strongly consider buying a drone that can go up a higher altitude.


At the end of the day, the decision is up to you. It won’t hurt to take advantage of the warranty that some companies offer. However, the spy drone may come with controls to perform at its best ability but it is still up to the user to be responsible for using it to the fullest to create really good content.