Best Black Friday 2019 Drones

Even though November 24th is still a couple of weeks away, I’ve scoured through the masses to find the best Black Friday 2019 drones before everything goes on sale and the mayhem begins. Whether you’re looking for a drone for yourself or as a gift for someone else, Black Friday is one of the best […]

best rc planes for beginners

Best RC Planes For Beginners 2019 (Top Remote Control Planes)

Even in our jaded and highly technological modern age, there’s still something exciting about man-made flight. Perhaps it’s no wonder that remote control planes have become so popular with both the young and the young at heart in recent years. In many ways, the RC plane is the modern version of the kite, only with […]

best rc boats for beginners

Best Remote Control Boats For Beginners (RC Boats 2019)

Remote control boats have been a niche RC toy for some time now, but they’ve become more popular recently with the advance of technology. However, their unusual nature makes it difficult for newcomers to enjoy the hobby. How do you know you’re getting something that’s safe? That’s fun? What does “capsize recovery” mean, and why […]

Top 6 Best Christmas 2018 Drones

The holidays are quickly approaching, almost at the speed of light this year, have you picked the perfect present yet? Gifting someone a drone is probably the best way to be the coolest gift-giver of the season. Even though gifting a drone may have you under the impression that the big bucks have to be […]

Altair Tomahawk Review

The Tomahawk is the latest addition to Altair Aerial’s high-quality fleet of drones, which has stayed true to the fact that they’re a company who makes their drones easy to use to ensure that anyone can get the hang of flying them. The Tomahawk is definitely no exception here – it’s flashy yet simple to […]

AA Blackhawk Review

Altair Aerial is a company that made a name for itself selling beginner drones, but now it wants to take its first step towards the big leagues with the Blackhawk, a heavy metal quadcopter built for distance and speed. After buying one for myself and trying it out, I’m happy to say that it maintains […]

Altair Aerial AA108 Review

Folks, today I want to review the drone that got me into quadcopters. This was my first aircraft and still remains one of my favorites – it’s one I often recommend to anyone who wants to get into the hobby. It’s the AA108, the first drone by relative industry newcomer Altair Aerial. What makes the […]