Top 5 Drones Without Camera [2018] – Full Review

When people think about the concept of drones and the many uses they have, the majority of people will immediately think about drones with cameras. Thankfully, there are a lot of drones without camera that are just as good. Some are even able to accommodate an action camera, such as a GoPro, for example.
drone without camera
Drones without cameras are often used just for fun and as a general hobby. Much like their cousin, the RC helicopter, drones without cameras focus on features, technical specifications, and the aspects that tie into a great flight experience in general. As I mentioned before, some drones without cameras come with a mount for action cameras, or even have onboard cameras that you can remove whenever you want.

Because not everyone wants a drone with a camera, I’ve decided to put a review together of my 5 favorite drones that don’t come with an on-board camera. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of drones on the market today, so sifting through them all to find your favorite is a tough task that I’ve taken upon myself to do for you.

Best Drones Without Camera Reviews

Today we’ll be reviewing my top 5 picks in the category of the best drones without camera. I should also mention that the following reviews are not ranked or numbered based on favoritism but completely random.

Altair BlackHawk

The Blackhawk by Altair is much like its brother, the Blackhawk, but has some unique technical aspects to it that make it stand out to me, and hopefully you, too! You can get your hands on one right now for only $142.

  1. Uses brushless motors for a more stable, quiet flight
  2. Comes with an action camera mount that’s compatible with GoPro models Hero 3 and Hero 4
  3. Has a total flight time of up to 15 minutes, doubled with the second battery included for free
  4. Features High and Low Speed Modes, Out of Frequency Range Alarm and 360-Degree Flips
  5. Has a maximum transmission range of up to 1640 feet up in the air

best drones without camera altair blackhawk

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The Blackhawk by Altair is the perfect drone for those who already have a GoPro Hero 3 or a Hero 4 model, or for those planning on getting one in the future, who want to partake in aerial photography and videography every now and then.

DJI Phantom 2

The Phantom 2 V2.0 Bundle by DJI is a surprisingly impressive deal. You get the Phantom 2 quadcopter, the transmitter and the Zenmuse H3-3D 3-axis gimbal all for $500. I should note, however, that the gimbal is not installed in the Phantom 2, so you will have to do that yourself when it’s delivered.

  1. Comes with the Zenmuse H3-3D 3-axis gimbal for mounting GoPro models Hero 3 or Hero 3+ without shaky recordings or blurry photos
  2. Features Altitude Hold, Integrated GPS Auto-Pilot Functions, ‘No Fly’ Zone and Auto Return to Home
  3. Has a total flight time of between 20 to 25 minutes
  4. Takes a high capacity 5200mAh LiPo battery
  5. Uses a 2.4GHz transmission frequency
  6. Has a maximum transmission range of up to half of a mile
  7. The transmitter has a gimbal control dial, trainer port, and an already installed rechargeable LiPo battery
  8. Has upgraded motors, ESCs and propellers for more propulsion and greater control

best drones without camera dji phantom 2

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For those who have a GoPro Hero 4 Black model and are interested in the Phantom 2 V2.0 Bundle by DJI, you may still be in luck! Apparently, you can try your luck with making a couple adjustments to the balance of the mount.

DROCON Blue Bugs 3

The Blue Bugs 3 by DROCON, one of the earlier Bugs in the collection, is an absolute brushless dream. You can get one for yourself right now for around $100, nailing a spot in my review for being one of the best drones without camera available.

  1. Uses advanced brushless metal motors that won’t overheat, melt, fray or spark and independent ESCs
  2. Has a total flight time of between 15 to 20 minutes
  3. Features Two Way Communication, Smart Remote Control Alarm and 360-Degree Flips Rolls
  4. Has a maximum transmission range of between 300 to 500 meters
  5. Uses a 6-axis gyro stabilization system
  6. Comes with an action camera mount for a GoPro action camera
  7. Uses a 2.4GHz transmission frequency
  8. Takes a 7.4V 1800mAh LiPo battery

best drones without camera drocon bugs 3

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Though the Blue Bugs 3 by DROCON doesn’t have a lot of features, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. In fact, I highly recommend this one for those who want a drone that’s focused on hardware and pure performance without all those flashy, extra features involved.


3DR Solo Bundle

The Solo Bundle by 3DR consists of the Solo quadcopter, 1 battery, the Solo Gimbal preinstalled, 8 propellers, and the 3DR backpack. The entire bundle can be yours for only $450, which is a pretty good deal considering the Solo Gimbal is included!

  1. Powered by identical 2 1 GHz computers through a WiFi signal
  2. Features Smart Shots, Orbit, Follow Me, Cable Cam, Selfie, Free Look Mode and GPS Mode
  3. Has a maximum transmission range of up to half of a mile
  4. Compatible with GoPro models Hero 3+ and Hero 4 (if you have the gimbal)
  5. Uses a pre-bound transmitter or a mobile app through your smartphone, tablet, etc.
  6. Offers live HD streaming and built-in HDMI live HD broadcasting to a smart device from a mounted GoPro
  7. Has a total flight time of between 15 to 20 minutes

best drones without camera 3dr solo

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The Solo Bundle by 3DR is a great deal you won’t want to miss. The Solo Gimbal alone will run you from $100, if you’re lucky, all the way up to reaching hundreds of dollars.

Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini

The HS170 Predator Mini by Holy Stone is my budget pick. It’s one of my favorite cheap drones without camera, coming in at only $40. Don’t let the price or the drone’s small size fool you, though. This little one packs a punch and will definitely surprise you once you have your hands on it.

  1. Uses a Headless Security System for easy flight
  2. Features Wind Resistance, Headless Mode, 3 Different Speed Modes and 3D Flip Roll
  3. Uses a 6-axis gyro stabilization system
  4. Has a maximum transmission range of between 30 to 50 meters
  5. Uses a 2.4GHz transmission frequency with 4 channels
  6. Has a total flight time of between 6 to 8 minutes
  7. Uses colorful LED lights for low visibility and night flying
  8. Takes a 3.7V 350mAh LiPo battery
  9. Able to be flown both indoors and outside

best drones without camera holy stone h170

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The HS170 Predator Mini by Holy Stone is so much fun to fly, especially when you make use of the 4 channels and have multiple drones going all at once with your friends, family, etc.

Drones With No Camera Analysis

As I said earlier, most people automatically think of a camera drone when drones, in general, are mentioned, leaving drones without cameras in the dark quite often. Fortunately, there are a number of drones that don’t have an onboard camera that beat drones with cameras in regard to features, specs, and technical hardware entirely.

You’ve no doubt noticed by now that most of the drones in my above review come with an action camera mount for GoPros. This is a feature that I recommend everyone keep in mind if you’re looking for a drone without a camera, even if you don’t own any compatible GoPro models when you buy an action camera and/or GoPro-compatible drone.

I say this because you may want to purchase one in the future and will already have everything you need. I also recommend doing so because of pure convenience. If you own a GoPro, another compatible action camera brand, or are planning on purchasing one, you can mount or remove your GoPro or another compatible brand of action camera whenever you wish.

Drones Without Camera FAQ

best drones without camera frequently asked questions

If you don’t see your question listed below in my FAQ section, let me know and I’ll do my best to help you out!

Do I need to register my drone with the FAA?

Because I don’t want to give you the wrong answers to this question, or misinform you whatsoever, take a look to all the information you’ll need on registering your drone, the FAA’s rules and regulations, etc.

Do I have to carry my drone license with me everywhere when I fly?

If you were required to register your drone and obtain a license then, yes, you absolutely have to carry it with you everywhere you go when your drone is in the air and you are at the controls.

How do I live stream with a GoPro mounted on my drone?

GoPro’s use a WiFi connection that can actually interfere, and usually does, with the signal from your transmitter. Because of this, a download video link for live streaming should always be used. This can often be done through manufacturer apps such as DJI GO, for example.

Top 5 Drones Without Camera

Just because a drone doesn’t have a camera, doesn’t mean it has no potential for aerial photography or high-tech specs and features. Looking at drones without camera you’ll see clearly that they focus on what makes each flight the best experience possible instead of focusing on one part of a drone, which in this case is a camera.

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